How Infrared Sauna Technology Helps Heal Wounds

Read any infrared sauna review and you’ll learn how people have benefitted from this technology. Infrared saunas have been shown to be great for reducing blood pressure, slowing aging, detoxification and more. This heat-based therapy is a good way to relax and lose weight but did you know that it speeds up skin healing too? Infrared light boosts cell regeneration and at a particular wavelength, it can heal your cuts, scars burns and other wounds more quickly.

A significant number of studies show that skin wounds tend to heal faster in warmth. Warm temperature promotes better blood circulation, allowing the latter to reach more parts of the body and deliver them all good things, such as oxygen and nutrients, they need to regenerate cells. In fact, poor blood circulation does not only cause wounds to heal slowly; it’s also considered as one of the underlying causes of chronic wounds and sores.

Heat emitted by infrared technology in saunas increases blood circulation that draw nutrients for the skin to the surface. It may accelerate the healing of open wounds and reduce scarring. Even if a scar does form, infrared is still capable of removing this tissue overgrowth by gradually softening it and then stimulating fresh tissue growth. Infrared helps improve the skin’s tone, texture and elasticity as well, cleansing impurities deeply and giving it a revitalized look.


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