How to Maximize Sauna Results

A sauna bath has its share of health benefits for the reaping—that is, of course, if you know how to maximize every session. Simply sitting around in an infrared heat sauna while sweating it out with some buddies wouldn’t cut it, so here are a few tips to get optimal results.

Exercise before Going In – If you have several minutes to spare, do yourself a favor by performing a few exercises to promote better blood circulation. Doing so should help improve the condition of your muscles and joints by reducing soreness.

Get Into the Zone – Have the right mindset and imagine the sauna as some sort of magical space where you can heal yourself, and subsequently ‘open up’ to healing. Take deep and slow breaths, and know your limits. If you’re a rookie, the optimal length of stay is 45 minutes at 120 degrees Fahrenheit. Of course, your tolerance for the warm environment may go up the more you do it, but it’s still advisable to never exceed the prescribed length of stay.

Know the “Rules” Inside – If you need to move around to make room for another person or relocate to somewhere more desirable, do so gradually. Otherwise, if your blood pressure is low, you might get a little dizzy.


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