Attaining That Summer Body with Infrared Saunas

Summer is here again, the perfect season to go outdoors and show off that stunning body. Some folks, however, just aren’t ready yet; maybe they’ve wanted to lose weight to achieve that summer body but never had time to do it. In such a case, using an infrared sauna regularly can help speed up the process. Here’s why:

  1. You can burn up to 600 calories in a single sauna session. As your body starts to cool itself down, your heart and metabolic rates increase significantly. So going in after a gym session enables you to start shedding calories as soon as you get in. Also, all that sweating purifies the skin, making it look amazing.
  2. The heat deeply penetrates muscles, joints and tissues to relieve inflammation and chronic pain. So if you’re still feeling sore from those sit ups, forty minutes in the sauna booth will do wonders for your body.
  3. It can boost your endurance. Subjecting your body to heat independent of physical activity induces your body to adapt and makes it easier to perform when your temperature rises.

With these benefits, you’ll have plenty of incentive (aside from looking great) to visit your local facility or invest in an IR sauna for home use. Have an awesome summer!


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