Detoxifying with an Infrared Sauna

The body detoxifies itself, ridding toxins and harmful substances on its own, yet your body can also use some help in the form of saunas. With more Americans eating processed foods and surrounding themselves in a polluted environment where they can acquire toxins, these can lead to some health problems, including a slower metabolism and migraines.


Infrared Saunas and Your Health


Doctors recommend detoxification to help your body rid of these toxins that can further harm your health, and one way to detoxify is to spend time in an infrared sauna. The dry heat coming from an infrared sauna increases your body temperature, which then causes you to sweat and your body to release toxins.


You can see almost immediate results after just one session in an infrared sauna, including quicker healing and an increased circulation and metabolism. All these factors also contribute in ridding your body of harmful toxins that you acquire from your current lifestyle.


How Often and How Long?


How often should you use an infrared sauna will depend on your situation. If you’re simply after detoxifying your body, you can do it daily as long as you don’t stay inside an infrared sauna for more than 20 minutes, lest you run the risk of dehydration. For other cases, particularly for people using infrared saunas for their chronic medical conditions, the use of this type of sauna should only be limited to a few times a week.


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