Observing Safety in Infrared Saunas

If you are serious about living a healthy lifestyle, then you have probably given detox methods a serious thought. Some people can steer you towards giving infrared saunas a shot. While purchasing a unit at an upcoming infrared sauna sale can be a sound investment as far as your health is concerned, you should also keep in mind certain safety considerations.

Time Spent

Many personal IR sauna units have seating capabilities for up to four people, but it’s still best to have someone stay on guard outside. Some wellness experts claim that you or your group should stay inside the unit for no more than 20 minutes each session to reduce the likelihood of hyperthermia.

No Metallic Objects

Watches, jewelry, and other metallic objects should not be brought into the sauna because they conduct more heat in a limited amount of time than your body. Do not eat or drink alcohol before you enter as the heat might trigger negative side-effects such as vomiting; at best, you can enter no sooners than two hours after eating. Drink lots of water.

Intrinsic Conditions

It is best to be in good overall health when committing to using saunas. See whether you need a doctors’ permission. Red flags to watch out for include hypertension and high blood pressure, as well as pregnancy. If an elderly person is with you, have their assigned caregiver look after them as well.


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