How Infrared, Low EMF Saunas Help You Detoxify

You’re exposed to different pollutants and toxins every day. The chemicals from the air you breathe, the water you drink, and the products you use all add to the body’s burden. When overwhelmed, the body hides these toxins in tissues. Good nutrition may not be enough to eliminate these harmful chemicals in your body. The good thing is there are infrared saunas to enhance your metabolic processes, which is needed for detoxification.

Saunas aid detoxification through heat. When the body is heated, the metabolic process starts, breaking down fats and mobilizing toxins. Some of these toxins are delivered to major organs for elimination such as the kidneys, liver, and colon and is released as sweat through the skin, helping your body get rid of unhealthy chemicals. Still, proper nutrition and hydration are necessary complements to an effective sauna detoxification.

Modern saunas using infrared technology use electric heaters, exposing a bather in an electromagnetic field (EMF) once inside. Though EMFs are all around us, excessive exposure can be damaging to the body by changing the way it behaves on a cellular level. If your sauna emits very high EMF, all those health benefits will simply be cancelled out.   To be safe, opt for an infrared sauna with low EMF technology and make sure that it has passed inspection and testing, and is certified by an authorized party.


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