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Infrared Sauna: The Benefits to Your Body

Using an infrared sauna may not exactly be the same as a traditional sauna, but it can provide a lot of the same effects. Using infrared light, your body is heated enough for you to sweat. The main reason you’d want to sweat is to release toxins and heavy metals. Here are a few benefits people can reap from infrared sauna sessions: Read more of this post


Infrared Sauna’s 3 Biggest Benefits

Saunas have certainly stood the test of time. They’re practically found all over the world in almost all advanced cultures, and many have benefitted from the healing and relaxation they induce. One recent version is the infrared sauna, which uses infrared heaters to emit radiant heat to induce sweat. Below are the advantages that you can get from this particular sauna type.

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How Far Infrared Saunas Promote Weight Loss

Over the years, there have been many debates as to how sitting in a sauna can actually lead to weight loss. In truth, the excessive sweating you experience cannot “melt off the fat”, so to speak, but if used properly, saunas can help you lose weight in indirect ways: increasing your body heat and relieving the stress that makes healthy eating habits too hard to maintain. Read more of this post

Best Infrared Saunas Guarantee Healthier Results

The infrared sauna can be described as the modern take on the traditional Finnish type as it removes away the need for steam to produce heat. Instead, infrared saunas emit energy at certain frequencies to elevate your body’s temperature. Experts deem this method to be healthier and safer for most people than using steam. Read more of this post

What Can Infrared Heating Do To Your Health?

In the past, sauna interiors were heated up by burning firewood, and people have reaped the benefits of working up a sweat inside these heated cabins. Modern-day technology changed the game with the introduction of infrared heating, which is a step up from the traditional firewood method. Read more of this post

Saunas: Key Difference of Infrared and Traditional

Infrared and traditional saunas serve the same purpose – to raise your body temperature and make you sweat. This doesn’t mean, though, that you can indiscriminately choose one over the other.

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Safe EMF Levels for Home Use Infrared Saunas

Ever since they were first invented, steam saunas have been providing people a relaxing way of detoxification and working up a sweat. Countless improvements and innovations later, people can now have their very own saunas at the comfort of their homes. Infrared saunas are the most popular choice. However, concerns about the EMF levels emitted by these saunas have been raised.

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Wood Qualities to Look for in Infrared Sauna Sales

When shopping around for an infrared sauna, one factor you have to carefully consider is the type of wood the unit is made of. When evaluating wood quality, there are three things to look at: shrinkage, toxicity and durability.

  • Shrinkage.  Interior temperature as well as humidity and weather conditions in your area influence the rate of shrinkage. As this gradually occurs, you may notice cracks and splinters on your sauna. It’s a natural occurrence but the objective is to find the wood type that can withstand the elements the longest.
  • Toxicity.  Detoxification may be your objective in buying a sauna but this is less likely if the sauna wood itself emits toxins and allergens when heated up. Find a sauna made of kiln-dried wood to make sure that it’s free from oils, resins, and other potentially toxic chemical.
  • Durability.  The sauna should be strong enough to accommodate your weight. You wouldn’t want one that gives out easily under pressure. Wood strength is a fundamental factor in addition to construction and design.

Though some woods are used out of tradition or aesthetics, top sauna manufactures make use of wood that meets a discriminating buyer’s preference in terms of appearance and performance. Hemlock wood, for example, is an ideal variety because of its hypoallergenic qualities and low shrinkage rate. It is also not easily prone to rotting and mold infestations, and the fact that its surface is not as porous as other varieties makes it highly resistant to stains and scarring.

Benefits of Infrared Sauna

Infrared saunas have been steadily gaining popularity for the past few years. That’s because compared to a traditional sauna, infrared saunas do not produce steam which can affect visibility and make breathing hard for some people. Aside from this, infrared saunas notably use more tolerable temperatures.

More than the comfortable experience however, the top reason people love using infrared saunas is the multitude of benefits they deliver. Here are some of them:

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How to Make Most of Every Sauna Experience

From the moment you pick out which sauna type to buy until the time you’ve started using it and have been enjoying its benefits, you would have known already how to maximize the potential health effects of sauna use, including positive results from detox and weight loss. Your purpose for needing a sauna will determine the kind of sauna you purchase. Here are a few surefire ways to make the most of your entire sauna experience:

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