Safe EMF Levels for Home Use Infrared Saunas

Ever since they were first invented, steam saunas have been providing people a relaxing way of detoxification and working up a sweat. Countless improvements and innovations later, people can now have their very own saunas at the comfort of their homes. Infrared saunas are the most popular choice. However, concerns about the EMF levels emitted by these saunas have been raised.

EMF or electromagnetic field is a type of radiation produced naturally and artificially. Practically everything on the face of the earth emits EMF, from the human body to the gadgets you use day in and day out. At low enough levels and at minimal exposure, EMF is harmless to the body, but at high levels, it could have some health risks. This is why responsible infrared sauna manufacturers sought out to develop low-EMF models for the safety of the consumers.

The EMF levels of saunas are measured in gauss (G). If you are in the market for a home use infrared sauna, you might be wondering what the safest level of EMF is. The recommended safety level for humans is at 10 G, but sauna manufacturers aimed to take it even lower. Most companies now make saunas that have EMF radiation levels at 1 G or even lower, at zero EMF. These companies have their sauna units tested and inspected by different organizations to prove that the levels are completely safe.


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