Wood Qualities to Look for in Infrared Sauna Sales

When shopping around for an infrared sauna, one factor you have to carefully consider is the type of wood the unit is made of. When evaluating wood quality, there are three things to look at: shrinkage, toxicity and durability.

  • Shrinkage.  Interior temperature as well as humidity and weather conditions in your area influence the rate of shrinkage. As this gradually occurs, you may notice cracks and splinters on your sauna. It’s a natural occurrence but the objective is to find the wood type that can withstand the elements the longest.
  • Toxicity.  Detoxification may be your objective in buying a sauna but this is less likely if the sauna wood itself emits toxins and allergens when heated up. Find a sauna made of kiln-dried wood to make sure that it’s free from oils, resins, and other potentially toxic chemical.
  • Durability.  The sauna should be strong enough to accommodate your weight. You wouldn’t want one that gives out easily under pressure. Wood strength is a fundamental factor in addition to construction and design.

Though some woods are used out of tradition or aesthetics, top sauna manufactures make use of wood that meets a discriminating buyer’s preference in terms of appearance and performance. Hemlock wood, for example, is an ideal variety because of its hypoallergenic qualities and low shrinkage rate. It is also not easily prone to rotting and mold infestations, and the fact that its surface is not as porous as other varieties makes it highly resistant to stains and scarring.


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