Best Infrared Saunas Guarantee Healthier Results

The infrared sauna can be described as the modern take on the traditional Finnish type as it removes away the need for steam to produce heat. Instead, infrared saunas emit energy at certain frequencies to elevate your body’s temperature. Experts deem this method to be healthier and safer for most people than using steam.

Though the health benefits are still being studied, the therapeutic use of infrared saunas is now approved by the Food and Drug Administration. Most medical professionals even recommend its use for relieving pain and recovery of various illnesses. Combining sauna sessions with regular yoga practice may further provide you with improved health and well-being.

If you’re a first-time user, don’t expect to sweat that much within the first two to three sessions because your body has yet to adapt to infrared warmth. It’s also important to keep hydrated throughout an infrared treatment to prevent heat-related illnesses.

There have been studies that show that around 17% of toxins are removed by infrared sauna therapy compared to a meager 3% discharged through the old type. Your body actually absorbs as much as 93% of infrared energy produced by the heaters for deep detoxification. This has the added benefit of better pain relief, improved blood flow, regulated bodily functions, and relaxed muscles.

Furthermore, raising your body temperature at the right level also results in optimum weight loss: Even after a 30-minute session, calories would be burned throughout the day.


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