What Can Infrared Heating Do To Your Health?

In the past, sauna interiors were heated up by burning firewood, and people have reaped the benefits of working up a sweat inside these heated cabins. Modern-day technology changed the game with the introduction of infrared heating, which is a step up from the traditional firewood method.

As reported on the Canadian Family Physician journal, a paper published in 2009 reviewed several studies that talk about the cardiovascular benefits of infrared heating. The paper explained that people with coronary risk factors such as high cholesterol and hypertension fared far better after exposure to infrared heat. One reason points to the demands placed on the body to regulate heat, which can be compared to the effort exerted when walking at a moderate pace.

In addition, infrared heat (specifically far infrared or FIR) has been proven to be compatible with the human body’s composition in general. FIR is absorbed by the skin at much better rates, which is primarily due to the skin being 80 percent water. Water itself absorbs heat very well, and with infrared heat, the resulting chain reaction triggers a greater overall increase in body temperature.

Lastly, infrared heating has also been shown to improve the skin’s healing process by facilitating faster cell regeneration. Increased blood circulation and levels of nitric oxide as a result of gentle dry heating can help users with closed wounds, such as diabetics, heal faster.


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