Improving your Infrared Sauna Experience

There’s no doubt you can reap several health benefits by immersing yourself in the warm relaxing surroundings of an infrared sauna. With that in mind, you can further make the most out of your sauna experience and achieve your health goals through these steps:

Drink Lots of Water

Sauna sessions tend to make you lose a lot of fluids, so make sure to replenish them by drinking lots of water before, during, and after your sauna session. Drinking water aids in boosting your metabolism and increasing your body’s calorie consumption, thus complementing the sauna’s weight loss effect.

Set the Sauna at 110F

The best temperature to set your infrared sauna is at 110 degrees Fahrenheit. This allows the heaters to achieve the optimal surface temperature of 200 degrees, the perfect heat level to penetrate the body and raise your core temperature.

Use it Every Day for 30 Minutes

First-timers can gauge their tolerance to the heat produced by the sauna by staying in for about five to ten minutes. You can then gradually build up your heat tolerance until you’re able to stay inside for 30 minutes. Make your sauna time a regular routine to flush out more toxins and promote a healthier you.

Bring Music, Movies, or Books

To make the time go by faster, you can bring your own tunes and movies on your iPhone or iPad, or even pick your favorite book on Kindle, while inside the sauna.


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