Choosing the Ideal Spot for a Sauna

What a Home Sauna Can Do

A home sauna, particularly an infrared one, is a great addition for relaxation and de-stressing. Many people have been unaware of the many benefits of home saunas and are pleased to learn that there are convenient options. A sauna is very soothing after a busy day with lots of activity.

Location is Key

A traditional sauna is perfect for a pool area or yard, but since an infrared sauna is more suitable for indoor use, you might want to consider several other areas of your home that are also ideal. A large area under a staircase is one possible option, as well as a large bathroom. One of the advantages of placement in or near a bathroom is quick access to a shower. You will also want to make sure a dressing area is nearby.

Choose Your Flooring Area Wisely

Although infrared saunas don’t use steam, it is still a good idea to have a non-slip floor surface. The non-slip surface is important because you and others will likely be in the area without shoes. When your sauna is in a bathroom or close to a pool, you want to make sure everyone can get in and out of the sauna without slipping in water.

The Right Wiring Also Matters

One of your most important concerns is making sure you have proper wiring. Making sure your wiring will handle things ahead of time will save you a lot of frustration. Consulting with an electrician will make this process easier.


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