Fall in Love with a Portable IR Sauna

Those people who try portable infrared saunas fall in love with the convenience that a portable unit has to offer. Spending time in a sauna is a great way to rid the body of unwanted toxins, and the 140 degree Fahrenheit temps of an IR sauna are about 50 degrees Fahrenheit cooler than a normal sauna. A portable sauna lets you enjoy a miniature vacation while you are able to relax and unwind. During the winter months, portable units are a great way to stay warm.

Portable infrared saunas are a low-cost way for you to pamper yourself. They are light enough and small enough to transfer from room to room in your home. A portable unit lets you watch TV or complete other simple tasks while you are enjoying the benefits. The way that the portable units are designed allows you to lay down completely flat while you are in the sauna. This gives you a very relaxed experience that will help you feel your best.

A portable unit can help you burn up to 600 calories in a short 30 minute session. The powerful heaters of these units can quickly heat water. There are also energy-efficient models available that help you keep your operating costs very low. IR saunas offer you a safe and effective way to improve your health and well-being. They are up to seven times more efficient than traditional saunas, and a portable unit gives you the added convenience of in-home use.


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