Remove Unwanted Toxins from Your Body with a Low EMF Sauna

The science behind electromagnetic fields and saunas is proven, and a sauna with a low EMF can help your body remove unwanted toxins that lurk just beneath the surface of your skin. Low EMF saunas are 100% safe for adults who love to relax in the 140 degree Fahrenheit temperature of an IR sauna. Infrared saunas heat your body from the inside out. This allows you to release these toxins in a safe manner.

The top saunas on the market undergo comprehensive third-party testing to ensure that the EMF levels that they put out are below the norm that is established by regulation. The Swedish standard of 3mG is the benchmark that many manufacturers use to establish a level of safety for their IR saunas. Steel conduit electric sheathing ensures your safety in an IR sauna. Whether you are at the gym or in your home, you will be able to enjoy the benefits that come from IR saunas. Your skin will look its best, and you will be relaxed after a session in your low EMF IR sauna.

If you are considering a purchase of an IR sauna, the emission level is one piece of information that you will want to take into consideration. Units that are below the Swedish standard that is mentioned above are safe, and they provide you with great health benefits. Knowing the emission data on the heater in your sauna will let you know a great deal of info about your sauna.


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