Why Frequent Far Infrared Sauna Sessions Are Beneficial to Athletes

What is Hyperthermic Conditioning?

When people are exposed to high temperatures for sufficient amounts of time, their core temperature increases, and some physiological changes occur. The most notable change is the increase of plasma in the body and blood flow to the heart. The heightened blood flow allows nutrients and oxygen to be better absorbed by the body, giving it more fuel, and thus, greater stamina. Increased blood flow also helps to remove metabolic wastes more efficiently, which then improves muscle endurance.

By exposing your body to high temperatures, you are also conditioning it to better adjust to heat, thus avoiding heat stress. During an intensive exercise routine, the body tries to regulate itself through sweating, but there are times when “overheating” can still happen despite the sweating. Hyperthermic conditioning allows the body to respond faster in order to regulate core body temperature, thus allowing you to keep going for longer periods of time.


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