Detoxifying Your Way to Top Health with a Low-EMF Far Infrared Sauna

Recently, there has been some buzz about the effects of electro-magnetic field (EMF) exposure in infrared saunas, in spite of extensive research which affirm that there is no strong evidence to imply that EMF exposures in a sauna pose a health risk. Yes, long-term exposures to EMF in high doses are considered harmful, but a low EMF far infrared sauna, like its name suggests, doesn’t emit any significant level that may justify any call for concern.

EMF surrounds everyone all the time. Its most common source today are the wireless communication equipment. Your mobile phone, wireless routers and cell towers are among the leading sources of exposure to EMF. So as long as your saunas have comfortably scaled through the ETL certification process, the only harm they could possibly cause is to the unhealthy build of toxins in your body.


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