Five Proven Benefits of Using the FAR Infrared Sauna

As the new year quickly approaches, you may be thinking of ways to improve your health. The FAR Infrared Sauna is a great solution to help you achieve your wellness goals for 2016. There are 5 proven benefits of using the FAR Infrared Sauna.

Deep Detoxification
Each day, your body comes in contact with hundreds of environmental toxins that become trapped in your cells. The FAR Infrared sauna provides heat that works on a cellular level. Spending time in this sauna will help your body release toxins.

Weight Loss
If your goal is to shed pounds, sitting in a FAR Infrared Sauna burns up to 600 calories per hour. A sauna session gradually increases your heart rate and metabolism.

Decreases Blood Pressure
As your heart rate increases during a FAR Infrared Sauna session, your blood will pump faster. As a result, your blood pressure will decrease.

Improved Circulation
Due to increased sedentary lifestyles, many people are challenged by poor circulation. The FAR Infrared sauna can improve your circulation in the same manner as exercise.

Relieves Pain
It is a proven fact that heat offers comfort to areas of your body that are in pain. FAR Infrared Sauna sessions can help reduce pain associated with Fibromyalgia, joint discomfort and muscle spasms. The FAR Infrared Sauna might be your solution to creating optimal health.


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