Three Must-Haves of an Infrared Sauna

If you have been searching for a new infrared sauna for some time, then you know that there are so many choices, and it can be difficult to choose the best one for your needs. Perhaps after spending all that time researching the best infrared sauna, you’re more confused than enlightened. There’s a way to simplify your search, and that’s to focus on three key aspects that make an infrared sauna work best. Other factors you can simply mix and match according to your needs, but make sure the infrared sauna you buy has these three things:

No thermostat

This one isn’t exactly a must-have, but it’s important nonetheless. Unlike other types of saunas, infrared saunas don’t require thermostat. This is because infrared saunas do not need to reach the high temperatures to generate sweat. The infrared heater brings the heat up to the desired temperature, then simply shuts off. With no thermostat, you get the full infrared therapy for the entire length of your sauna session.

Reflective walls

Infrared rays travel in a straight line, so if a sauna doesn’t have reflective walls some if not most of the infrared is wasted. A well-built sauna with strategically placed reflective walls ensure that infrared is reflected, reused, and do what they’re supposed to: raise your body temperature and induce sweat.

Fits all your family members

People of all ages enjoy a brief sauna session, so make sure your sauna fits everybody in your family, even the kids! There are saunas that are good for one person, and there are those that can fit as many as six. Always consider the number of your family when buying an infrared sauna. You don’t want to leave anybody out.


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