Choosing Between Near Infrared and Far Infrared

When it comes to infrared sauna, the market actually offers two options, namely near infrared sauna, and far infrared sauna. Although it might sound like a machine straight out of a science fiction film, near infrared and far infrared saunas are not as uncommon as you think. The question, however, is, between the two, which one is the best sauna to go with?

Two Types of Infrared

Before you can decide, you first need to understand the difference between near infrared and far infrared. For one, near infrared has a wavelength of between 780 nm to 1,400 nm while a far infrared operates at a wavelength of more than 3,000 nm.

While both types of infrared are used in saunas, they have varying effects on the human body. For example, a 3 person infrared sauna that makes use of NIR might cause some burns especially to those who are ill. On the other hand, a FIR, or far infrared, sauna is able to penetrate the skin without causing burns since it emits lower temperature.

A FIR sauna, however, is unable to penetrate deeply into the tissues and could not be used to focus on one specific area of the body alone. That being the case, a NIR sauna would be the better option if you want a deeper relaxation for your muscles. It is also the best option if you want the heat and the wavelengths to focus on certain areas, giving your body the much-needed relaxation it deserves.


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