Detoxifying Your Body The Far Infrared Way

The science behind the far infrared sauna is relatively simple – a certain part of the electromagnetic spectrum is utilized and emitted towards the human body. Once the said waves hit the human body, it warms the muscle tissue and causes relaxation. The wavelength also increases the body’s temperature allowing the person to sweat without necessarily having to heat the surrounding air.

Infrared and Toxins

Long before man has understood the idea of infrared, the Native Indians have already started making use of sauna as a way to rid the body of toxin. In the past, stones are heated to very high temperature before water is poured in order to create steam. The steam, on the other hand, warms the body and causes the person to person to release sweat.

Whether you make use of heated-stone saunas or far infrared saunas, the result remains the same, along with the sweat that comes out of your body due to the increased temperature are toxins that can pose a threat to your health. Based on recent studies, more toxins are released from your body through sweat compared to those that get released through your urine.

What’s more, far infrared saunas are theoretically able to decrease the number of cancer cells in a person suffering from the said medical condition. This is because cancer cells do not react to the wavelength in the same way that a normal cell would.


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