How an Infrared Sauna Can Help You Destress

Science and research has long established a strong link between stress and various health complications. In today’s world, however, stress has become an inevitable part of many people’s daily lives. While a busy schedule might not permit extended long vacations, relaxing in an infrared sauna just might be the thing you need for stress relief.

Wind Down

After a hectic day, all you want to do is slow down and unwind. A warm and serene space is perfect for the job, one that an infrared sauna is specially designed to provide. If you practice meditation, this can be also be a good time to practice your breathing and gather your thoughts to improve your mood and lower anxiety.

Raise a Healthy Heart Rate

Moderate exercise is an excellent way to destress, and you can reap the same benefits using an infrared sauna. It induces an increased heart rate and intense sweating similar to reactions you might experience after performing various exercises at your gym. As a bonus, you can even burn up to 600 calories inside an infrared sauna.

Dispel Fatigue and Pain

Immersing your body in a warm infrared sauna for 15 minutes can do wonders for your fatigue and pain levels. The pleasant heat from an infrared sauna is great for relaxing stiff muscles and stimulating beta-endorphins in your brain, chemicals that play an important role in pain relief. With infrared saunas, you don’t go have to go far to bust everyday stress. They work great even in limited spaces, providing you with precious relaxing moments whenever you need them.


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