Relax in Your Three Person Sauna

If you and two of your closest friends are looking for a way to increase your energy, then a three person IR sauna may be just what you need. Three person saunas are spacious, and they offer all of the benefits that an IR sauna can offer. Whether you are in the sauna with your partner or you are spending time with a couple of coworkers, you will be able to spend quality time catching up and discussing big ideas as you burn as much as 600 calories in your 30 minute sauna session.

A three person sauna is also a smart choice for people who like to have a little bit of extra room when they are in the sauna solo. The three person unit is large enough for a person to lie down and relax on a bench, and they do not take much more energy to heat than a smaller unit. High performing and efficient carbon heaters give you the 140 degree Fahrenheit temperatures that are the hallmark of an IR sauna.

You and two of your friends will quickly discover that your muscles and your joints do not hurt as badly after a quick 30 minutes in the sauna. As the body gets blood flowing to all of the joints and the extremities, you will begin to feel a difference. Less inflammation is good for the body. You and your friends will feel relaxed and rejuvenated once you add sauna time into your schedule.


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