Portable Infrared Sauna Buying Considerations

If you’re planning to purchase a portable infrared sauna, you must consider a few things before you start shopping, such as the shipping procedures and service perks. You’ll also need to find out how the sauna will be packaged because some shipping methods can damage a sauna upon arrival.


An infrared sauna is usually shipped standing on its edge or stacked. When a unit is stacked, an excessive amount of pressure builds up in the box, which can damage a sauna. This is why you should buy a sauna from a reputable company that properly labels fragile cargo for freight carriers.

If possible, you should work with a company that offers a lift gate service. Without this perk, your unit may damage during the delivery process. Driver trucks that lack a lift gate usually break the pallets down so that each box can easily slide out of the truck. The biggest issue is that an inexperienced worker could drop the cargo if the procedures aren’t implemented correctly.

The Technology

Biophotonic nano-carbon saunas are used by many industries because the technology lasts for over 50 years. If you buy a unit that has this feature, you’ll get even heating from advanced elements that are strong, durable, and safe.

The Design

Hemlock is the best wood for an infrared sauna because it doesn’t attract mold and bacteria. It’s also extremely strong, so the paneling won’t crack or bend over time.


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