Experiencing the Ancient Tradition of Saunas Today

Saunas are nothing new. For thousands of years, the Finnish have enjoyed the pleasure of a warm, steam bath to release daily tensions, and experience other benefits. While the concept continues to be enjoyed in the present day, there have been many innovations that have improved the technology behind a sauna.

Traditional saunas are warmed by steam or heat to bring the temperature up to 194 degrees Fahrenheit or more. Thanks to the latest developments, infrared technology is used in FIR saunas to warm the body directly. The temperature only warms to 140 degrees Fahrenheit, which is safer than the higher levels of heat that are a strain for some individuals. Each session in the sauna opens the door to a host of benefits.

Saunas are More than a Luxury

While many would consider a sauna an indulgence, they offer many health benefits. Each session of warming causes the body to perspire heavily. As it does, toxins are eliminated from the system in a cleansing process. Saunas also promote a healthy circulatory system as the blood flows more freely, bringing blood pressure down, making the heart work more efficiently.

A release of tension is also key. Stress is a major health problem faced by millions of Americans. A sauna makes it possible for the entire body to relax, staving off health problems that go hand in hand with stressful conditions. A home sauna is an investment in well-being.


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