The Reason Why You Need an Infrared Sauna

Saunas are considered as a great relaxation and detoxification method, and more people are visiting spas on a regular basis just to get some time to themselves. However, a relatively new type of sauna called the infrared sauna is starting to gain favor among long time sauna users. And chances are, it’s exactly what you need if you want a way to detox and relax regularly.

What Is an Infrared Sauna?

An infrared sauna is one type of sauna that utilizes light to generate heat. This is opposed to conventional saunas that heat the air around your body. This naturally means that infrared saunas have the advantage of being able to reach the desired temperature faster.

What Are Its Benefits?

Infrared saunas generally provide the same benefits as traditional Finnish-style saunas, in that they help detox and relax the body by inducing natural sweating. From a technical standpoint, the infrared type has the advantage of requiring less time before the heat is achieved.

The effects are also safer because it heats your body directly, whereas a conventional sauna heats you up from the outside in, similar to an oven. Additionally, an infrared sauna produces the same results using less heat, making it the better option for people who can’t tolerate the amount of heat a traditional sauna produces.

Lastly, this type of sauna is also more economical. Conventional saunas are expensive and often out of the budget of the average individual, but a 3 person infrared sauna is within the means of a normal family.


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