Carbon Panels Beat Ceramic in the World of Infrared Sauna Panels

The far infrared saunas have all but replaced the old fashioned rock and steam saunas because these newer models are generally much more comfortable and beneficial to the user’s health. A good 2 person infrared sauna emits only gentle heat waves that gingerly roll across your whole body. This makes it far more enjoyable and simpler to breathe, a good deal safer to use, and as much as ten times more beneficial to the user’s health. Yet buyer beware—not all infrared sauna heaters are created equal.

Types of Infrared Heater Panels and Their Characteristics

Carbon and ceramic are two of the principal types of heating emitters in the far infrared heating sauna universe. As becomes clear with a closer look, these two different materials do not deliver the same quality, safety, durability, and comfort levels to users.


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