Tips to Better Enjoy An Infrared Sauna Experience

Should you decide to buy your own sauna unit for the home, you have to make sure to study its mechanisms well because you’ll basically be operating it on your own. It is important that you familiarize yourself with the safety tips and guidelines, as well as proper maintenance, so that you can enjoy its benefits for longer. Having a standard for care should also help you determine which unit you’ll get, especially when there are a variety of them posing with the best infrared sauna review.

Temperature Concerns

Ideally, your infrared sauna temperature should be anywhere between 122-140°F for room temperature set at 64°. There will be some pre-heating time, too, at about 30-45 minutes, so that it will be heated just right by the time you step into the unit. Expect the pre-heating time to take a bit longer if the infrared sauna is a four- or five-person unit, of course.

A tip that pro-infrared sauna users offer, though, is for you to use the sauna before the digits hit your set temperature. This is so that you can get the most benefits of infrared exposure. After all, the point of getting infrared sauna therapy is for you to soak in the benefits of infrared heat, and not the sauna temperature per se. So, if for example you set your sauna to 130°F, you can already enter the unit even while pre-heating at 115°F or 120°F.

Hanging Out in the Heat

Although infrared saunas are guaranteed safe, you still should not overdo it by staying longer than necessary. At best, your sessions should not exceed 40 minutes. You can do the hot-cold therapy by switching from the sauna to the shower every other 40 minutes, but you should not do sauna sessions straight for an hour in one sitting. This is to ensure that you do not dehydrate yourself, since you will be sweating a lot inside.


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