Infrared Sauna Heaters: Types, Parts, & Materials

When buying a far infrared sauna, it’s essential that you become familiar with its most important components. This way, you can understand how the unit functions and what types of material benefits you the most. One of the most important parts of an infrared sauna is the heater.

Infrared sauna heaters work to emit a specific wavelength of energy. They produce infrared waves that have a concentration of between 6 and 14 microns, which is one of the reasons why the energy coming from the sauna is beneficial to your health.

Heater Types

Far infrared heaters have two types: rod and panel. A rod heater uses an emitter made of either a coated or an uncoated cylindrical material. These are smaller than the panel style heaters, which is why their use often causes cool spots inside the sauna. On the other hand, panel heaters are able to provide uniform coverage.

Heater Parts

A heater has several parts. The housing acts as the frame or the case where the heater parts are assembled. The reflector, on the other hand, is responsible for reflecting energy from the back of the emitter into the sauna room. Third is the emitter, a conductive material that produces far infrared. Last, but not the least, is the metallic or wooden screen that keeps the skin from coming in contact with the emitter.

Heater Materials

You can choose from ceramic, incoloy, compressed carbon, carbon flat panel, or carbon fiber as the main material for your infrared heater. Each has its own qualities and characteristics, so it’s important to go for the one that best meets your needs and preferences.

Knowing these information should enable you to look for the best infrared sauna for you. Go to a reliable manufacturer to get an expert advice if you’re still unsure how to choose.


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