Infrared Saunas: How Safe Are They?

People always get wary when an equipment, with a supposed health benefit, emits radiation. With all the cases of cancer and radiation-related diseases, it is understandable for people to have a tendency to stay away from it.

Infrared saunas, as the name implies, uses infrared heaters that releases radiant heat, which is directly absorbed by your body. Before you say nay to infrared sauna baths, here are some things you need to know:

Infrared rays are not as dangerous as you think

Contrary to popular belief, infrared rays are relatively safe. Sitting between visible and microwave rays, infrared heat radiation is as safe as exposing your skin to the sun’s actual rays. While some may counter that too much exposure to the sun’s rays is dangerous, you must realize that the same holds true to everything taken in excess.

Scientific studies verify that infrared are even more gentle than visible or UV light as a piece of paper exposed to UV tend to char while those exposed to infrared ultimately remains the same, just a little hotter.

Infrared rays can only pose as a potential danger to those with past medical conditions

It is true that infrared saunas are not compatible for everyone. People who have a history of stroke or heart attacks are recommended to use saunas (not just infrared but also traditional steam saunas) with caution.

It is not because infrared can aggravate your condition. It is more of a preventive measure above everything else. For safety reasons, an individual with a serious medical history should consult his doctor first before going to the sauna.


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