The Ideal Length of Time for a Sauna Session

Sometimes, you’ll find yourself just utterly stressed out, such that all you want is to get some quality R&R. One of the best ways to do this is to use a sauna – not only will you be able to relax, you can also detoxify while doing so.

For How Long?

Among the most common questions of those who are new to using saunas is the amount of time allowable for it to be considered safe. Ideally, you should be able to stay in there for 20 continuous minutes. It would depend, though, on what you want to achieve given your schedule.

If you just want to sweat it out, then you can stay for as short as five minutes, as long as you turn up the heat of your infrared sauna. This should get you sweating profusely in no time. If, however, you’re keen on having more of a relaxing experience, then you stay for longer, and probably even do the hot-cold treatment. This is a technique whereby you spend up to 10 minutes in the sauna and then step out for a quick, cold shower, before heading back into the sauna. This is known to provide deeper rejuvenation and more health benefits.

New Users’ Safety

If you are a new  user, you should start first with five minutes of moderate heat in the sauna. This is because your body isn’t accustomed yet to such an environment. You can gradually increase the temperature as you feel more confident that you can withstand the heat. If you feel dizzy at any time, though, it’s best that you step out to cool down.


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