Preparing Space for Your In-Home Infrared Sauna

Now that you’ve set your mind on getting an in-home sauna, the next step is for you to make sure your house is adequately prepared for its installation. Availability of space will be crucial in determining the size of unit you’ll bring home, so you need to get that information first and foremost.

Indoors vs. Outdoors

It’s your sauna on your own property, so you get to decide where you want to place it. The default option is indoors for maximum privacy, although taking it outdoors by the pool area is also a viable option, making it perfect for a hot-cold therapy. Should you opt for the latter, though, be prepared to invest in added insulation to maintain the heat, considering that it will be  exposed to the elements.

Determine the Number of Users

If you intend to share the great sauna experience with family and friends, you may need a three to five-person infrared sauna unit. Depending on which you get, a family-sized sauna can measure anywhere from 4×6 to 8×10.

As for the height, it’s advisable to put it in a spot where the ceiling doesn’t go any higher than 7ft. so that the heat won’t rise too much, preventing the user from gaining maximum benefits from the heat.

Check Electrical Wirings

An infrared sauna usually requires 220 volts. Check with an electrician if your current wiring can support that much voltage. Depending on his findings, you may need to make certain adjustments, unless you find another spot in your home which can meet your unit’s electrical requirements.


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