Busting the Myths on Far Infrared Saunas

There are two branches of infrared saunas that are currently for sale in the market: near infrared and far infrared saunas. However, some strong proponents of near infrared saunas stressed that their units provide better health benefits than far infrared saunas can ever give. But is there really truth behind those claims?

Far infrared saunas release EMFs, which is dangerous to your health

Electromagnetic fields (EMF) are usually emitted by electric heaters. Since a human body is a good conductor, staying in highly EMF charged environment can have detrimental effects on your body on a cellular level.

Unscrupulous near infrared manufacturers often tell potential customers that far infrared saunas are bad for their health since it has a higher risk of producing EMF. The truth is, even if far infrared saunas release EMF, theirs is of very low concentration that it is almost negligible.

Near infrared saunas are healthier than far infrared saunas

As both uses infrared, though of different wavelengths, it really is impossible to tell if this claim has any grain of truth in it. Most scientific studies show the beneficial effects of infrared saunas, regardless of their heat source and wavelength.

You have to be discerning of the data being presented as facts by different sauna manufacturers, as their main concern is to sell their products. Read reviews and studies yourself in order to correctly decide which sauna is best for your home use.


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