Portable Infrared Sauna: A Gym Alternative

The gym is not the only place you can work out a sweat and burn calories. If you want to lose weight but don’t want to go to the gym after a tiring day at work, a portable infrared sauna may be perfect for you. This type of sauna is becoming popular because of its ability to help people lose weight without having to run on a treadmill or doing a similar activity every single day. In fact, if you prefer to unwind and relax instead of working out, you may find the sauna more than appealing.

Increases Metabolism

One way that an infrared sauna helps you lose weight is by boosting your metabolism rate. The heat it produces directly hits your body instead of simply warming the air. This heat seeps into your muscles and tissues, which then increases your body’s metabolism. When this occurs, the body is able to burn calories.


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