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Far Infrared Saunas: Safety & Benefits

Far infrared saunas are quite popular these days due to the numerous health benefits they offer. In fact, many hospitals and clinics within the United States use far infrared heat to keep premature babies warm, which only means that in general, this type of technology can be used safely. As with all things, however, it should be used within reason. If you are on the fence about infrared saunas, learning how they work and how often you should use sauna therapy should ease your fears. Read more of this post


What to Look for in a Far Infrared Sauna

If you are looking to purchase a far infrared sauna, it is important to become familiar with the many factors that you should be basing your choice on when it comes to picking out a sauna. From technical specifications such as EMF levels and heating equipment all the way to visual appeal and comfort level, you should be sure to carefully inspect the equipment before you make your final call. Here are a few tips to follow when buying an infrared sauna: Read more of this post

How to Buy an Infrared Sauna

When looking to buy an infrared sauna, there are a couple of things you need to consider. From EMF levels to the build quality, everything and anything should be put under the microscope to make sure you are buying the right sauna for your home. However, there are certain things that may easily go overlooked, such as the number of heating panels and walls. Here are a few of the most overlooked things that you will want to check when buying an infrared sauna: Read more of this post

Best Far Infrared Saunas Offer Skin Rejuvenation

Far infrared saunas offer a plethora of health benefits such as weight loss, increased blood circulation, and pain relief. One of the most prominent benefits, however, is skin rejuvenation. If you have read any reviews on infrared saunas, you would have learned that these machines are capable of giving you the youthful skin you have always desired. Read more of this post

Should You Buy a 3 Person Infrared Sauna?

If you are a sauna lover and you want to share the amazing experience of sauna bathing with a loved one, then buying a 3-person infrared sauna or a 2-person one is a great investment. Many sauna lovers scoff at the idea of investing in a family sauna, thinking of the difficult maintenance or the high costs associated with owning one. In reality, a family sauna does not really cost much. Even better, they are quite easy to maintain. Here are a few reasons why you should definitely invest in a 3-person infrared sauna: Read more of this post