Far Infrared Saunas: Safety & Benefits

Far infrared saunas are quite popular these days due to the numerous health benefits they offer. In fact, many hospitals and clinics within the United States use far infrared heat to keep premature babies warm, which only means that in general, this type of technology can be used safely. As with all things, however, it should be used within reason. If you are on the fence about infrared saunas, learning how they work and how often you should use sauna therapy should ease your fears.

How Do They Work?

In order to understand the benefits far infrared saunas provide, it is imperative to first study their functionality. For starters, far infrared saunas are said to break down fatty tissues, which are the tissues that contain the most toxins, pathogens, acids, and carcinogens in the body. These tissues are broken down into smaller pieces by the vibrational effect of the infrared energy. Once broken down, the particles are then expelled by sweating through the pores of the skin. Generally, it is said that the sweat produced by far infrared energy contains up to 20 percent of fatty tissue particles or toxins.

Should You Use it Regularly?

Far infrared saunas provide result-based therapies for many ailments such as arthritis, pain management and even cancer, to a certain extent. In addition, since the temperature is mild and no hot spots are created, users don’t experience any of the side effects that come with traditional saunas, such as difficulty breathing, skin burns, skin rashes, soreness, skin allergies and eye allergies.


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