Importance of Using Low EMF Saunas

When it comes to buying an infrared sauna, one critical factor to consider is the electromagnetic field (EMF) being emitted by the machine, which is measured in milligauss (mG). Most saunas come with carbon heaters, which are capable of emitting high levels of EMF. When choosing a sauna to use for the home, it helps to be aware of the variations in EMF as provided by various sauna brands.

What Do the Authorities Say?

People are generally exposed to EMFs every single day through the use of gadgets and electrical appliances. High levels of EMF are said to have negative effects on one’s health. This is why, when investing in an infrared sauna, it’s best to go with the unit that has the lowest EMF reading.

Comparing EMF from Saunas

Another good option is the no-EMF sauna. These are the ideal infrared sauna, as they are not only healthy, but provide all the benefits that you are looking for in a sauna. You’ll also be glad to know that there is no difference in the heating properties of low EMF saunas from those emitting high levels of EMF. You will experience the same soothing, beneficial heat without the health risks.

Choosing Low EMF Sauna

When you choose a low EMF sauna, you are making a healthy choice and avoiding any unnecessary health hazards. You’ll enjoy the same heating benefits from your sauna, but at much safer EMF levels.

You can check the EMF levels on the labels of your machine. Also, it helps to look at the sauna company’s profile for certifications or verifications from agencies or authorities.


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