Staying Safe while Using Far Infrared Saunas

Any reputable sauna dealer will advise their clients to familiarize themselves with the safety precautions to be taken while enjoying a session in their home sauna. Staying informed will ensure that you can enjoy your sauna to the fullest while reaping the many benefits it has to offer for years to come.

Keep Hydrated

Prior to beginning your session be sure to drink copious amounts of water, as you will be sweating profusely and losing quite a bit of water weight.  After your session, drink water once more.

Maintain a Schedule

It is also wise to spend just the right amount of time in the infrared sauna. Generally, a session should last about 20 to 30 minutes, and can be repeated 2 to 3 times a week. Don’t stay too long in the sauna, as this may lead to heat stroke or dehydration.

Things to Avoid

Do not take medication or drink alcohol before your session. The increase in heart rate and blood circulation that you experience during sauna bathing may lead to adverse health effects when mixed with alcohol and certain medications. If you feel lightheaded or woozy, you may fall asleep in the sauna and end up staying longer than is recommended. Avoid this potential hazard by inviting a loved one to join you for a relaxing sauna session.

Limits for Some People

Children aged 5 and below are advised against sauna bathing. In addition, pregnant women should avoid sauna use.


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