Accessories for Far Infrared Saunas

There are many different accessories that you may purchase to improve your infrared sauna experience. As these products are designed specifically to enhance and aid your wellness, you will surely feel a noticeable difference with every session you enjoy.

Chromotherapy Lights

Also known as color therapy, chromotherapy involves the use of various wavelengths of light to promote healing and relaxation. Installing one of these bulbs in your infrared sauna will allow you to feel well-rested, and assist you in targeting certain ailments more effectively.

Oxygen Ionizers

These portable devices ionize, or charge up, the air particles in your infrared sauna. In this way, certain allergens like pollen and dust are cleared more effectively, allowing you and other sauna occupants to breathe more freely. Oxygen ionizers have even been found to be effective at mitigating the symptoms of asthma.

Head and Back Supports

Some people require additional lumbar and neck support when they’re sitting inside a sauna. You can purchase ergonomically designed supports to make you more comfortable and relieve any tension in your muscles or joints. Many of these supports are made of sturdy wood, so they are adaptive to the high temperatures inside the infrared sauna.

For Your Entertainment

Home infrared saunas may be fitted with stereo systems to help you ease into each and every session. Whatever type of music you like to listen to, these speakers will further relax you and take away the stress after a long day.


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