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An In-Depth Look Into the Benefits of the Far-Infrared Sauna

Heat therapy has been used as a form of physiotherapy since ancient times. In recent years, however, a variety of new health benefits have been discovered. It turns out that heat can do more than just soothe sore muscles. Whether it is to sweat out toxins or relieve inflammation, people are falling in love with heat, and in particular, the heat of an infrared sauna.

Don’t make the mistake of picturing a sauna from the “old days”, where you can’t see who sits across from you because the room is filled with steam. The modern sauna uses dry heat, thanks to advanced technology that harnesses infrared light to generate heat. The far infrared sauna, also known as FIR, is the leading variant in today’s therapeutic saunas.

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In recent years, regular use of the infrared sauna has become increasingly popular for a number of reasons. Some enjoy using the sauna just before they go for a massage treatment, while others find it relaxing after a rigorous workout. Many people also rely on it to help alleviate muscle aches and pain.

If you have never used a far infrared sauna, you might have some apprehensions as you step into the space for the first time. The key, though, is to prepare for your first session so that it goes smoothly.

Whatever your reason for getting a sauna, there is a general set of rules that you need to keep in mind for a safe and enjoyable infrared sauna session, particularly if it is your first time. Read more on this article: http://bit.ly/2pXf5rJ


Far Infrared Saunas Beat Steam Saunas in Convenience and Functionality

One of the most common types of sauna on the market today is the far infrared model. What makes it different from the traditional sauna is that it does not rely on hot water or heated stones to produce steam and heat. Instead, it makes use of infrared heater panels to emit the energy it needs to warm up the user.

If you haven’t tried a far infrared sauna, and you need a bit more convincing, here are some reasons for you to make the switch from the traditional to this modern-day convenience.

Getting Started

There’s a huge discrepancy when it comes to the amount of heat required to get this kind of sauna to operate, versus the traditional steam unit. In the traditional model, you will need at least 180 to 220 degrees Fahrenheit to get it ready for use. Far infrared saunas, on the other hand, require a much lower degree of temperature, specifically 90 to 120 degrees Fahrenheit.

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Using Your Far Infrared Sauna Unit in the Privacy of Your Own Home

If you’ve just been introduced to the wonderful and amazing world of far infrared saunas, you might have a lot of questions about it. The concept of a sauna is easy enough to understand: it is a popular and effective form of cleansing and detoxification that originated in Finland.

However, those interested in getting a far infrared sauna need a clearer understanding of the technology behind it to know exactly how it works, and the health benefits it can provide.

Is It Safe?

Unlike traditional saunas that rely on the steam from hot water or heated rocks to generate heat, infrared saunas use infrared heater panels. By utilizing infrared energy, the heat generated goes directly to the targeted area, which allows it to reach deep into the muscles and tissues, providing heat at a more concentrated level.

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A Far Infrared Sauna Is Stylish, Simple, and Safe for Anyone to Use

A far infrared sauna is no longer a poor substitute for its near infrared counterpart. Below are a few properties of the far infrared sauna that provide amazing health benefits to those who invest in one. Read on to find out why you’ll want to make a far infrared sauna the next exciting investment for your home.

Zero Electromagnetic Fields (EMF)

Forget the idea that far infrared saunas emit EMFs. Companies are beginning to revolutionize the infrared sauna industry by offering units with zero EMF emission. That means you can enjoy relaxing in your far infrared sauna, free from any fear or doubt about the technology you’ve purchased.

Look for a company who uses Intertek to test their products, as they have higher than average criteria when it comes to EMF testing. Any far infrared sauna that has been shown to have low to zero-EMF emission is great news for your health.

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3 Things That You Mustn’t Forget to Do When Using A Far Infrared Sauna


There are steps and guidelines to remember when using a far infrared sauna. Following them will enable you to make the most of your sauna, as well as avoid risks you may expose yourself to just because you didn’t know how to properly use the device. Such guidelines will allow you to enjoy the experience while keeping you safe and secure.

Set The Right Temperature

The temperature is critical to the effects the sauna will have on you. The standard temperature is between 100 and 140 degrees. However, a temperature of 100 degrees and less is often recommended to first-time users. This way, they can ease their body into the heat, helping it get used to it gradually.


How Far Infrared Saunas Promote Weight Loss

Over the years, there have been many debates as to how sitting in a sauna can actually lead to weight loss. In truth, the excessive sweating you experience cannot “melt off the fat”, so to speak, but if used properly, saunas can help you lose weight in indirect ways: increasing your body heat and relieving the stress that makes healthy eating habits too hard to maintain. Read more of this post